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The window is not only used to look at the outside scenery but to a large extent, determines the quality of life. It can keep out wind and rain, shading, and sound insulation, and is not subject to any intrusion from the outside in the room. Window types are sliding windows, casement windows, inverted windows, shutters, top-hung windows, skylights, and fixed windows.


Aluminum Window

Aluminum windows are windows with frame and sash structure made of aluminum profiles. Divided into ordinary aluminum windows and broken bridge aluminum windows. The aluminum window has beautiful appearance, strong airtightness and high strength.


uPVC Window

uPVC window is a new type of building material, it is more corrosion resistant than wooden windows and steel windows, does not require paint maintenance, and has a colorful appearance, which can be coordinated with various types of buildings.


wanjia sliding window

The sliding window adopts the sliding track on the window frame, and the window sash is equipped with pulleys. The windows do not take up extra space when opened and closed, and the structure is relatively simple.


A casement window is a window that can be opened outward or inward according to the hinge installed on one side of the window sash and connected to the window frame. It has a simple structure and flexible opening.


The Tilt And Turn windows are operated by operating the handle of the window sash to drive the corresponding movement of the hardware actuator, so that the window sash can be opened or tilted indoors.


Shutters are one of the window sashes. They are made of many horizontal slats. There are gaps between the horizontal slats. They can be raised and lowered. They can be used to block sunlight or the line of sight, and provide ventilation.


Awning Window

The way to open the awning window is to push it away from the top. The window is opened slightly from above and is fixed to the window frame by a hinge. Easily let fresh air flow into the room.



Skylights are windows installed on the roof for ventilation and light transmission, increase the light in the room, have a wide view, save a certain amount of energy, and can install an automatic mode.

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