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35×35 window

The 35×35 window is a perfect choice for a reasonable price and a wide range of uses. A 35×35 window means that the width and height of the window are 35 inches x 35 inches. The 35×35 window is a very simple and popular window. Not only is it sturdy and light, but it also looks very beautiful.

An important factor in choosing to buy WANJIA products.

WANJIA has more than 17 years of experience in the foreign trade of door and window industry. From zero experience to now, an enterprise with 20 years of experience can bring unexpected high-quality products with absolute advantages. Choose cost-effective products, please choose WANJIA.

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Advantages of 35×35 windows

  • Vinyl windows can provide excellent rust and corrosion protection.
  • The windows can be matched with screens, so that mosquitoes will not disturb your beautiful life.
  • The windows are sturdy, economical and energy-efficient.
  • Durable and resistant to bad weather factors.
  • Can be used for new buildings and window replacement.

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 35×35 window for you!

Customize exclusive 35×35 windows


The hardware of the window refers to a very small but vital part of the entire window. This is a handle. We provide lifting handles and crank handles, both of which are used to open and close windows. Choosing a good handle can better improve the safety performance of your building.


35×35 windows provide shutters, which can control the amount of light entering your indoor space and protect your private space in a very simple and convenient way. Choosing black shutters can provide greater shading ability. Of course, choosing silver shutters can be a good decorative element that can be integrated with the window, and it is also one of the best choices.


The choice of window frame is the most important part of custom windows. We provide frame options of aluminum alloy frame and vinyl/UPVC material. Both aluminum and vinyl/UPVC have advantages in price, you can easily pay and their service life is very long. It is also excellent in corrosion resistance.

How does the 35×35 window reach your hand?

WANJIA has more than 17 years of experience in the door and window foreign trade industry, and has a mature system in the packaging and transportation of goods.

1. Use bubble bag and pearl cotton to protect the product, and the outer packaging chooses to use wooden boxes, so that a three-layer protection is formed.
2. Using bubble film and wooden frame to combine packaging together, which can greatly reduce the wear and tear of items during transportation.

1. What are the advantages of choosing 35×35 windows in my house?

Design ability-35×35 windows can provide a variety of styles and design options.

Impact resistance-35×35 window is a window with good impact resistance structure, which can withstand strong winds and bad weather. It is sturdy enough to withstand violent impacts and other shock sources, and it can ensure the safety of your home.

Weather resistance-35×35 windows are constructed to prevent unnecessary cold wind and rain from entering your home. Of course, 35×35 windows can also keep your space warm and help keep your indoor space warm.

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2. What is the price of a 35×35 window?

The price of common ordinary aluminum windows is set at between US$65 per square meter and US$254 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 35×35 ordinary aluminum windows ranges from US$52 to US$406.5 per square meter, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Common thermal break windows are priced at between US$92 per square meter and US$280 per square meter. Therefore, the price of aluminum windows for 35×35 thermal break is set at USD 73.6 to USD 448 per square meter, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Common vinyl/UPVC windows on the market are priced at between US$55 per square meter and US$146 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 30×60 vinyl/UPVC windows is set at US$44 to US$233.6 per square meter, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

For the actual price of 35×35 windows, you can contact a professional to give you a detailed free quotation.

3. Is the size of the replaced window the same as the size of the newly built window?

Not the same. The standard size of newly built windows is different from the custom size of replacement windows, and adjustments are required.

4. How to measure the size of the windows that need to be replaced?

The most accurate method in measuring window size is to measure 3 times on each side of the window sill. In the vertical frame, measure the width of the window from the top, measure it again at the middle position, and measure it again at the bottom. Of course you can hire a professional team to measure the size of your replacement windows.

5. What is the cheapest way to replace windows?

To find the most affordable way to replace the windows in your home, you can:

negotiated price

Consider cheaper profiles, such as vinyl windows

Browse multiple companies and ask for quotations from different companies

Reduce the choice of some unnecessary accessories, and choose the accessories that are really related to your windows, don’t just look at the price to choose.

6. What is a coarse window opening?

Under normal circumstances, the coarse opening of our window refers to the opening on the wall, and you will install the window you like in it. The rough opening will leave a little space, so it will be slightly larger than the actual window size. This reserved space is to allow new windows to be installed in the window sills to provide sufficient space.

7. Is there any warranty for WANJIA’s 35×35 windows?

WANJIA provides a 10-year warranty for the windows you buy. When your window is damaged, you contact our after-sales team, we will check your product immediately to determine whether the damaged part can be repaired or replaced.

8. Are there any tips to help me clean the windows better?

Keep it clean every day. We have several cleaning tips for your reference, such as:

1. Avoid using glass cleaner solutions that contain ammonia or alcohol

2. Consider using rubbing alcohol to remove some stubborn stains

3. It is best to use soft and lint-free materials for cleaning windows

4. It is also an ideal choice to use microfiber or a simple kitchen towel to clean the windows

9. Do you provide installation instructions for 35×35 windows?

In addition to providing high-quality 35×35 windows, WNAJIA also provides the window installation process of our professional installation team. Of course, if you need us to go to your residential or commercial building for installation, we are also very happy to go to your city Install the windows for you.

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