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36×48 window

36×48 window is a window that looks like a square. It is also called a 3×4 window. The windows are 36 inches wide and 48 inches high. Most types of 36×48 window is double hinged, of course we also provide sliding windows and top-hung windows. They are very suitable for home and commercial buildings.

Why is WANJIA one of your best investments?

WANJIA has 20 years of manufacturing experience in the door and window industry. Whether it is design, development or production, we have enough ability to beat other companies. We directly quote you at the price of the manufacturer, you can save a lot of the price difference of the middleman, you can buy the best quality door and window products at an absolute preferential price.

36×48 window for sale

Window types: 36×48 window provides a variety of window types: casement windows, sliding windows, and top-hung windows.
Casement windows are a relatively common type of window, which can be opened outside and inside. The sash of the casement window is combined with the window frame through a hinge, and the sash can be rotated to open.
Sliding window: there are two types of windows: sliding left and right and sliding up and down. The sliding window not only does not occupy indoor space, but also has the advantages of beautiful appearance, economical price, and good airtightness.
Top-hung window: It can be opened a little from above, and the opened part is suspended in the air, connected and fixed with the window frame through hinges, etc., which can not only ventilate but also ensure safety.

36×48 Sliding Window

36×48 Casement Window

36×48 Single Hung Window

36×48 Double Hung Window

36×48 Tilt and Turn Window

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36×48 windows are suitable for your building:

  • 36×48 window can increase the air circulation in your indoor space;
  • 36×48 window can increase the energy efficiency of your building;
  • The maintenance requirements and maintenance cost of 36×48 window are low;
  • 36×48 windows have superior durability;
  • The 36×48 window is made of environmentally friendly materials, and these items can be recyclable and degradable.

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 36 x 48 window for you!

36×48 window multiple-choice information

Customize your favorite 36×48 window, we will provide more options to manufacture your favorite windows, and improve your overall architectural beauty and design aesthetics.


There are many design solutions for the handles of 36×48 window, and we cooperate with many famous hardware accessories companies, such as VBH, KIN LONG, HOPO, and CHUGN; choosing suitable handle accessories can better improve your building safety.

Frame color

36×48 window provides two kinds of profile materials, so there are more choices in frame colors, aluminum alloy: titanium gray, imported teak, champagne gold, polar black, and so on. Vinyl/UPVC: white, black spar, sand gray, wood grain color, etc. WANJIA can provide any color you want, please contact us for more customized colors.


Can be made of single-layer glass or tempered hollow glass.
Insulating glass can be filled with argon so that the U value of the insulating glass can be reduced and the insulation of the insulating glass can be increased;
Insulation performance reaches K=3.0W/(m2 • K);
Double-layer tempered hollow glass, better sound insulation and safety performance.
Excellent strength, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, meeting the needs of 75% regional engineering for building energy saving;


The 36 x 48 window can be matched according to the beauty of your entire building to enhance the beauty.Such as:Colonial、Prairie、England、Elegant、Heritage、Diamond、Classic、Traditional and Victorian.

How does WANJIA make your goods reach your hands safely?

1. Use a bubble bag and EPE wrapping to protect the product, and the outer is packed in a wooden box to form 3 layers of protection.
2. Adopt two kinds of materials: bubble film and wooden frame, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear of transported items.

1. What are the benefits of choosing 36×48 window?


The 36×48 window design is different from other windows. This kind of window can be perfectly combined with modern residences with a unique appearance, making the building more fashionable; at the same time, this kind of window can also provide color choices, color stability, and durability.


This window has strong durability and impact resistance. The material is strong and can be used for several years to keep it clear. At the same time, this window can effectively prevent rainwater from infiltrating, and it can also effectively reduce sound and temperature.

Materials and maintenance

This window is mainly made of degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly materials such as aluminum alloy and vinyl/UPVC materials, which have strong environmental protection and stability; and the daily cleaning is simple, and only a damp cloth can be used for quick cleaning.

2. Can36x48 window be used in the kitchen?

OK. The standard window size of the kitchen ranges from 24 to 96 inches in width and 12 to 96 inches in height. This can effectively provide a suitable ventilation environment for the kitchen, but it should be noted that the size of your kitchen must fit perfectly with the 36×48 window.

3. What are the factors affecting the price of 36×48 window?

The price cost is not fixed, the specific price is determined according to the effect and material you want to achieve, please contact us for details, we will give a satisfactory quotation according to your situation.

4. What is the price of a 36×48 window?

The price of ordinary aluminum windows is set at between US$65 and US$254 per square meter, while the price of ordinary 36×48 aluminum windows is set at US$78 to US$406.5 per square meter.

The price of thermal break windows on the market is set at between US$92 per square meter and US$280 per square meter. Then the selling price of thermal break 36×48 aluminum windows is set at between US$110.5 and US$448 per square meter.

The price of vinyl/UPVC windows on the market is set at between US$55 per square meter and US$146 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 36×48 vinyl/UPVC windows is set at US$66 to US$233.6.

The specific window size quotation requires a detailed quotation based on the profile, color and other accessories you need.

5. Does the 36×48 window have warranty service?

All doors and windows products of Yes.WANJIA have a 10-year warranty. Because we are proud of producing high-quality doors and windows. Only by producing high-quality products can it have better meaning for all of us. Once the product has quality problems, there will be troubles among us. Therefore, our requirements for products are very high, so you don’t have to worry too much.

6. How is 36×48 window manufactured?

Our WANJIA window manufacturing uses modern technology and high-precision machinery to produce these high-precision and zero-error products. And our manufacturing materials are collected from recyclable materials. All materials comply with international safety standards and environmental standards, so you can buy with confidence.

7. Are there any simple tips for cleaning windows?

The service life of windows is inseparable from daily maintenance. The well-maintained glass looks very bright, with almost no stains. There are the following tips: do not use glass cleaner liquids that call ammonia or alcohol; do not use any sharp razors or blades to remove stains on the windows; use soft, lint-free towel materials to clean the windows.

8. Can you provide installation instructions for 36×48 window?

WANJIA can not only provide installation instructions, but also a professional installation team. If you need it, we will also arrange an installation team to go to your building to install it for you. In addition to providing high-quality 36×48 window installation instructions, all WANJIA doors and windows products will provide professional installation instructions. However, it is still recommended that you let professionals install your windows to prevent damage and other unnecessary errors.

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