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36×60 Window

The 36×60 window is a standard size window, which measures 36 inches long and 60 inches high. This size window can meet the production requirements of aluminum alloy and vinyl materials. At the same time, 36×60 windows have more choices in terms of glass, style and color.

Why can customers always trust the WANJIA brand?

WANJIA’s long-term vision is: to be a world brand of doors and windows and to create a century-old enterprise in China. Whether it is pre-sales, during-sales or after-sales of the entire product, we have always considered more factors from the customer’s starting point, saving customers more money and energy.

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36×60 Sliding Window

36×60 Casement Window

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The reason why 36×60 windows are liked by more people:

① 36 x 60 window can be customized single-hung window and double-hung window
② 36 x 60 windows can be customized aluminum profile windows and vinyl profile windows
③ 36 x 60 windows can be used as thermal insulation aluminum series to achieve thermal insulation effect
④ 36 x 60 windows are standard size windows

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 36×60 window for you!

36×60 windows more choices


Aluminum windows: black, white, gray, wood grain color
Vinyl windows:
You can customize more colors you want, including: brown, green, gold, mahogany and more.


Double-layer transparent hollow tempered glass, single-layer transparent hollow tempered glass, three-layer transparent hollow tempered glass

Detailed specifications of 36×60 windows:

Actual Height (Inches) 35.5
Actual Width (Inches) 59.5
Project Type New construction/replacement
Glazing Type Single pane/double pane
Frame Material Vinyl/Aluminum…
Grid Type Between the glass
Warranty Limited lifetime
High Altitude Rated
Hurricane Approved

36×60 windows how to ship?

  • 36 x 60 windows have foam film and wooden boxes for protective packaging, which can protect the windows well.

  • 36 x 60 window adopts a four-point packaging system to ensure that the product is delivered safely without any damage.

  • 36 x 60 windows can provide door-to-door service.

1.Is the 36×60 window the standard window size?

Yes. Many manufacturers and suppliers will pre-design and complete 36 x 60 windows. If you are currently considering choosing to purchase 36 x 60 windows, just select and confirm from our design options, and we will communicate with you in detail for more details.

sliding window standard size

2. How much is a 36×60 window?

The price of common aluminum windows on the market is set at between US$65 per square meter and US$254 per square meter. Therefore, the price of a 36×60 general aluminum window is set at USD 84.92 to USD 330.63, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Thermal broken windows on the market are priced at between US$92 per square meter and US$280 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 36x60thermal broken aluminum windows is set at 173.1 US dollars to 408.76 US dollars, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Common vinyl/UPVC windows on the market are priced at between US$55 per square meter and US$146 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 36×60 vinyl/UPVC windows is set at US$91.45 to US$122, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

For the actual pricing of 36×60 windows, you can contact a professional to give you a detailed free quotation.

3. Can 36×60 windows be negotiated for discounts?

Of course you can, but you need to consider the current market trend of raw materials for windows. We have always won the favor of customers with super cost-effective companies. The price of high-quality 36 x 60 windows is open and transparent in the industry. More details For details about the price of 36×60 windows, you can consult our sales team to answer you.

4. What product certificate does the 36×60 window have?

WANJIA is a well-known 36 x 60 window manufacturer. It has been operating in accordance with international standards and regulations, which can ensure the quality and energy guarantee as always. Our 36 x 60 window certifications are:AS 2047, ISO 9001, EU CE certification, Australian certification, North American Test report, Canada Test report and so on.

5. What are the main factors that make a 36×60 window suitable for my home?

Material: 36 x 60 windows can be made of aluminum profiles and vinyl profiles. Aluminum profiles have strong corrosion resistance and good ductility. The price of vinyl profiles is much cheaper than aluminum profiles, and the service life is not bad. It is suitable for aluminum profile and has good thermal insulation performance.

Practicality: 36 x 60 windows are not only popular in residential areas, but also in commercial real estate.

Cost-effective: Choosing vinyl profiles can greatly reduce the cost of window maintenance in future use.

6.Does 36×60 windows provide after-sales warranty service?

Of course, WANJIA provides a 10-year warranty for 36 x 60 windows and other sizes. We can be assured of the products, which is the best guarantee for you.

7. Can you tell me the process of making 36×60 windows?

Most of our manufacturing processes are automated. Regarding the production process, you can click on the video below for a more in-depth understanding.

8. How can I buy high-quality 36×60 windows?

When you need to buy a 36 x 60 window, we recommend that you first outline all the functions of the window you want, not only the frame material, glass selection and window style, etc. After contacting us to customize an exclusive quotation for you, you can compare multiple ones, and you will find that we are definitely the most cost-effective one, whether in terms of product prices, product quality, and overall service providers.

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